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Today you may have some important phone calls to make, Pisces, and want to get them out of the way before doing anything else. You will definitely get your message across, because your communicative abilities are very strong. Words combine with feelings to create understanding between you and just about anyone, whether you're talking on the phone or writing.

Be careful about placing too much trust in your instincts now because a flash of inspiration could steer you in the wrong direction. Although it's useful to recognize the amazing potential of a current situation, your mind may be playing tricks on you today. Even if you believe you're seeing the actual path ahead, check out your assumptions with a close friend or partner before doing something you might regret. Asking for another point of view never hurts, especially if you take the advice you receive to heart.

Avoid the evil, Pisces. There may be someone trying to set you off of your intended course. There doesn't need to be a fight about it, but you should definitely draw the lines where they belong. Don't ever hesitate to back away from a situation where you are uncomfortable or put at risk, friend.


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