Aug. 13th, 2014

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Я знал, я знал, я это всегда знал! :)
Агата Кристи была права, выпивая свои многочисленные чашечки кофе до глубокой старости.
Поделится радостью, ну и чтобы ссылку не искать потом, если вдруг понадобится.

The Truth About Caffeine Addiction and More

By Susan Kreimer, Special to Lifescript
Published March 28, 2014

Myth or Fact? Caffeine is addictive.

Although caffeine is considered a mild stimulant, it’s not addictive, according to the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Unlike classic stimulants – think cocaine and amphetamines – there’s rarely a strong compulsion to use caffeine.

But caffeine can be habit-forming. That’s why you may feel mild withdrawal symptoms if you skip your morning cup of coffee or afternoon pick-me-up. Typical symptoms include headache, restlessness and irritability.

Should you decide to give up caffeine, don’t go cold turkey; instead, slowly decrease your consumption over a week.

Really though, why bother? Studies show moderate caffeine intake actually enhances your mood and improves alertness.

For adults, the American Dietetic Association suggests no more than 200 mg to 300 mg a day, which equals 2-3 cups of coffee.

Myth or Fact? Caffeine causes dehydration.

Caffeine is a mild diuretic, but “it’s not very pronounced,” says Franz H. Messerli, M.D., a professor of clinical medicine at Columbia University in New York City.

Still, diuretics make you have to pee. The more often you go, the more fluids you lose.

And you'll feel more dehydrated because you’re losing more fluids than you’re taking in.

“I wouldn’t drink a double espresso before a run, but would have no problem drinking a 12-ounce Coke,” Dr. Messerli explains. That’s because all fluids, even those with caffeine, contribute to the body’s daily fluid total.

Myth or Fact? Caffeine can make heart disease worse.

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